Elmwood Park
Elmwood Park, Columbia, SC
Elmwood Park, Columbia, SC


About the Elmwood Park Neighborhood Association

The Elmwood Park Neighborhood Association was organized on October 4, 1977 at the Park Street Baptist Church. The Association's founding members were Mr. Elliot Houser, Sr., Mr. Thomas Mosley, Mr. Roy Lynch, Mr. Mack Brown and Rev. H.A. Hinton.

In the late 1970s, many of the neighborhood's early homes were either in a state of disrepair or were recently condemned. The South Carolina Highway Department planned to extend Assembly Street from Elmwood Avenue to River Drive, a proposal that would divide and devastate the neighborhood. By 1981, several homes in Elmwood Park were either demolished or acquired by eminent domain to make way for the Northeast Freeway. To showcase the renovation potential of Elmwood Park, the Association held its first Tour of Homes and Gardens on March 20, 1982. Four neighbors opened their newly-restored homes to the public. The neighborhood held thirty-two tours of neighborhood homes and gardens, and ensured that many of the homes in disrepair were restored to their original splendor.

The association continues to play an important role of the successful revitalization of Elmwood Park, and celebrated its Ruby Jubilee in 2017.