Elmwood Park
Elmwood Park, Columbia, SC
Elmwood Park, Columbia, SC

Yard of the Month

Every month, the Neighborhood Association honors one house with our Yard of the Month award. The Beautification Committee will typically tour the neighborhood during the last week on the month to select the following month's honoree. The Committee looks for a neat yard that has a vibrant array of color and is pleasing to the eye. Because of the large number of gardens in Elmwood Park, a residence is not eligible for Yard of the Month a second time unless the ownership has changed or at least three years have lapsed between awards. Elmwood Park has a great many gardeners, and we are lucky to have so many impressive yards.

If you would like to nominate a residence for Yard of the Month, please email the Board.

Current Yard of the Month

Elmwood November Yard of the Month

Lindy only moved to Elmwood about a year and a half ago, but she has already made some big additions to the plantings both surrounding and on the porch of her charming bungalow at 1032 Price St. On the porch itself she has a rubber plant that was only a foot high when she moved to Columba, but is now well over 5 feet tall. It will over winter soon in the house (blame those startling cold nights we’re begun having), but expect to see it back out in the spring. In addition to her hanging plants, which show up beautifully against her “haint blue” porch ceiling, check out the giant potted spider plant that was once, well just a tiny “spiderette.” Lindy hasn’t neglected her front steps either. On either side, large terra cotta pots have been planted chock full of a variety of colorful fall plants. In the garden itself, prim little boxwoods outline her front garden, and separate it from her small, but lush green lawn. Don’t be fooled by those boxwoods, the garden surrounding the house is anything but prim and proper. It is eclectic and inspiring in its breadth of colors and textures: Whirling Butterfly, Echinacea, Nandina, Lantana, and a Banana tree make for a lush curve of foliage around the corner of her porch and line her driveway. For pops of color, she’s planted Pansies and sunny yellow Mums here and there. In her front side garden Elephant Ears triumph over a Creeping Charley filled cistern with a Fatsia going strong in the background. While you’re admiring her garden, check out a few of the house features that make Elmwood such a beautiful place to live regardless of the time of year; She’s got one of a kind house numbers & a terrific punched metal mailbox beside her gorgeous stained glass door. Aren’t we all so lucky to live in a neighborhood with such unique houses? Lindy’s beautiful little garden is well worth a visit when you are out walking the dog or just enjoying a ramble in the crisp autumn air.

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