Elmwood Park
Elmwood Park, Columbia, SC
Elmwood Park, Columbia, SC

Yard of the Month

Every month, the Neighborhood Association honors one house with our Yard of the Month award. The Beautification Committee will typically tour the neighborhood during the last week on the month to select the following month's honoree. The Committee looks for a neat yard that has a vibrant array of color and is pleasing to the eye. Because of the large number of gardens in Elmwood Park, a residence is not eligible for Yard of the Month a second time unless the ownership has changed or at least three years have lapsed between awards. Elmwood Park has a great many gardeners, and we are lucky to have so many impressive yards. If you would like to nominate a residence for Yard of the Month, please email the Board.

Here’s wishing everyone a New Year full of gardening adventures! And a special Happy New Year to John & Karen of 2226 Wayne St. and grateful thanks for giving Elmwood a lovely January yard of the month. As Columbia settles into its (relatively) short but still dark and cold winter, it’s heartening and heartwarming to see so many Elmwood homeowners continue to offer the passersby lovely visual treats in their front yards. As of this writing, many ferns are still, miraculously, alive and thriving. Palm trees and segos of course retain their green spikiness. Moss has come into its own. A few very hearty Elephant Ears add startling moments of large green pleasure as well. Azaleas still struggle into bloom. Farfugium (“Tractor Seat”) plants extend small bright yellow flowers out to catch the wintery sunlight. How wonderful that even in January Columbia offers the enterprising gardener a feast of possibilities. John and Karen are two such gardeners. They have transformed their front yard into a wintery “secrets” garden. Look closely as you walk by and you will find a little of John’s history as a firefighter peeking out from the bushes. There are other surprises as well, but the YOMC will let you discover those on your own. Take a moment in your brisk winter walk to slow down and enjoy the lovely variety of small potted winter plants lining the sidewalk up to their front porch – which was beautifully decorated for December, by the way. You’ll be rewarded with this winter garden’s flashes of subtle color ranging from silvery hues to dark greens to deep violet.

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