Elmwood Park
Elmwood Park, Columbia, SC
Elmwood Park, Columbia, SC

Yard of the Month

Every month, the Neighborhood Association honors one house with our Yard of the Month award. The Beautification Committee will typically tour the neighborhood during the last week on the month to select the following month's honoree. The Committee looks for a neat yard that has a vibrant array of color and is pleasing to the eye. Because of the large number of gardens in Elmwood Park, a residence is not eligible for Yard of the Month a second time unless the ownership has changed or at least three years have lapsed between awards. Elmwood Park has a great many gardeners, and we are lucky to have so many impressive yards. If you would like to nominate a residence for Yard of the Month, please email the Board.


April 2019 - Kinard Court

A little bit of Italy moved to Elmwood this past summer when Jay bought 1121 Kinard Court in August. Welcome to the neighborhood, Jay! The YOM committee was astonished to discover this quiet little street full of well-kept apartment houses, duplexes, and bungalows with yards full of azaleas (if you hurry over, they are still in full glorious bloom). Dogwoods and redbuds abound as well. If you're walking, you can enter through the Wardlaw Apartments' parking lot; if you're driving, you'll need to enter from North Main Street. New owner though he is, Jay has already been working hard on maintaining and improving his extraordinary front yard. A flagstone path encircles a giant fountain which the previous owners turned into a planter. Jay has for the moment filed it with plants, but has plans to convert it back to full fountain use as soon as possible. This is a formal front garden with four little well designed  “rooms.” The two garden “rooms” closest to the house are separated by a wide, warm flagstone path leading to the flagstone steps and the deep, curtained front porch. These two “rooms” each have a large flower planter as their focal points. The planters are verdant with fig growing up their sides, and are encircled by two topiaries. Each has low to the ground Asiatic Jasmine surrounding the planters in the form of an “S,” and each is backed by a 5 foot tall cedar ball topiary. Walk by any time this month and expect to see Jay’s garden filling with evermore beautiful plantings. And now, having saved the best for last, that “little bit of Italy” we mentioned; come marvel at the fabulous replica boar statues guarding Jay’s front steps. They are replicas of the famous “Fontanata del Porcellino” statue located in the Loggia del Mercato Nuovo in Florence, Italy.  There is a superstition attached to this bronze statue…but you’ll have to ask Jay what it is.  He’ll be happy to tell you the story!

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